Friday, October 17, 2014

Thank You God that today I've officially turned 21 today. A more year to appreciate life & others, a more year to keep on having faith and to always be a thankful person, a more year to inspire people and be inspired, a more year to become a channel of blessings to everyone around me, a more year to discover new country/city, a more year to learn something new, a more year to gain positive actions & experiences. Visited Japan was an earlier awesome birthday gift ever, I just arrived safely from Japan yesterday morning, I couldn't believe I finally saw one of my dream country and met lovely people while I visited Tokyo. This year has been so awesome to me and I pray there'll be more awesomeness happens ahead, last but not least Happy Birthday to every Libra who born October 17th. Cheers to brighter and awesome year <3 and thank you for greeting me with your wishes & prayers today, nothing beats the feeling of being loved, if only I could reply to each and everyone of you, I would. Many thanks for making my birthday extra special <3
Today's post is dedicated to my fashion inspiration Krystal Jung from f(x) and of course before I dyed my hair purple and green. Krystal is a year younger but she inspires me to dress up the moment she debuted as one of f(x) members, I really love her sense of style, her pose is one of kind, every fashion items she wears always look gorgeous on her even just the simple one. Well, I wished I had slimmer body and longer legs like Krystal lol. Anyway this time I mimicking her style on her music video "Rum Pum Pum Pum" with her group f(x). I've been eyeing her style on her recent reality show "Jessica & Krystal", her true style is amazing, she always goes for simple outfits but she can make it fabulous just by wear it and her recent drama "My Lovely Girl", whoa it's so different from her daily outfit, she dresses up a little bit girly with vintage touch, not as usual like her true self who tends to wear bold, monochrome and denim outfit but like I told, she is still gorgeous in everything she wears.
JELLY MINT SHOP shoes / NOVATICA silk top / UWU SCHOOL denim jacket / RAY BAN glasses / DIY necklace

Friday, October 10, 2014

School’s out, summer’s in.
Remember this swimsuit? Yes I wore this swimsuit to WaterBom Bali when I had my short trip to Bali last December-January for welcoming the year of 2014 with family. Now stop talking about the swimsuit, let’s back to the topic.
Finally, some water to get the summer vibe before falling for fall/autumn season on Sunday!
Please bear with the contrast quality for some photos here because the sun is shining so bright. I went to Diva Swimming Pool last week because the heat was so bad here in Manado, that taking a dip in the pool has become a necessity more than anything.
Even I realized how girls must have perfect bodies to wear a swimsuit. It made me really conscious at first but I was glad I brought my kimono as my cover-up (as I got influenced by another culture that close to home, the Japanese culture) with me though it certainly didn’t help with the heat situation and also I wore short as I didn’t want to show the fats on my thighs lol.
Anyway, tomorrow I’ll have a short trip for just one week, the chance to discover new countries for the first time, woohoo I cant stop smiling, God is so good to me :) You can keep in touch with me through Instagram or Twitter because I am going to post a lot of photos from my travel there, I promise I will update SRS Blog as soon as I get back to my hometown :) Have a good Friday gorgeous people and wish me luck for my Entomology mid test <3
NIKE sport short / RAY BAN glasses / J.REP glittered shoes

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Don't stop believing and keep questioning what you wanna be. It's good to keep you life to the fullest. If you already find the answer congratulation I envy you, and keep at your good work.
On Saturday, I'll be at Singapore then continuing the trip to Japan! Woo-hoo my first out of the country trip abroad for the year :) Thanks God, I am so excited! Hope you have a great week ahead! :)
Anyway, this is my no-basic-make up outfit post that I’ve been confused to post it or not to post it lol back to that time when I didn’t know how to apply any make up on my face, if you are curious you can check my old posts three and two years ago.
ICE watch / Naughty ring / AVENUE platform shoes / COLORBOX bangle

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Most of the things I’m doing now is take a lot from my old self, not that I liked my old self better. I’ll never trade my present self for anything else. I’m being honest that it’s very easy to lose yourself with all the things happening around you. I’m not totally innocent. Especially if the community that you are in is one that requires you to show a public face. Some people try to create a different personal to suit their audience and I could totally understand why’d they want to do that. We’ll never really know. All I know is that it seems difficult, especially if you created something that’s too different from who you really are. When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves. Always be a good sample of inspiring person, gorgeous <3 Anyway, as I promised, I finally uploaded my dark green ombre hairs I had 3 months ago.
FRIDA skort / GAUDI cardigan / J.REP gold glittered shoes