Monday, November 24, 2014

These photos below were taken 4 months ago when I was in Balikpapan, I remember I had just returned from Immigration office and I decided to take my OOTD photos at a nearby park.

This place is called Bekapai park, the city park in the heart of Balikpapan city, one of nice outdoor areas under the shade of palm trees with a view of splash of fresh water in the middle of a modern metropolis city. The word Bekapai has a meaning of "Relax".
There is a water fountain as the center of the park. If you want to see the amazing view, go to this park at the night, why? Because the park will show off its enchanted beauty. The bronze lighting system which fall to the water spray and the sculptor will create a silhouette of an-outpouring oil and that represents Balikpapan as “The Oil City” of Indonesia. In addition to beautify the park, the water fountain will cool the surrounding air. So that the air becomes cooler. Especially when the sun is high in the daytime. Seeing the water fountain in the Bekapai park will be more convenient because it’s provided a place to sit around the pool. So that visitors can relax here while chatting with their friends. And if you’re hungry, no need to be worry, on one side of the park on the outside, there are traders with their carts who offer a variety of delicious foods. Traders prepare tables and plastic chairs. Eat with family or friends with a background in the form of a garden will be more exciting.

J.Rep glittered shoes

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Last night in Tokyo, one of amazing cities I've always dreamed to visit, I wish I didn't have to leave you. I spent my last night in Tokyo with meeting new people, eating at the coffee & restaurant in front our hotel, Tokyo Grand Hotel and spending the night at Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo. I'll always miss waking up in the morning and to be able to see the sunrise and the new hope every day to explore more places, I miss strolling around your pretty buildings and parks, I miss shopping in Harajuku and walking around Shibuya 109, I miss your healthy food set. Missing Tokyo so bad :( Tokyo introduced me to so many new things, new culture, new characters of people and made me fell in love with its own charms and uniqueness. By travelling a new place, it made me see another world that exists beyond my thought. See you later, Tokyo. I know that this is not the last time you and I will be together :) One day my dreams to stay longer at Tokyo city will happen, I just know it :)
Met the girl behind LETTERS IMPROMTU, Samantha Mariko (also known as Samantha Rhodes), my new fashion blogger friend from Tokyo, she is a model and a musician too (what a talented person ey? :D) So that night she visited me at Tokyo Grand Hotel right after she's done working, even though we saw each other for less than 30 min, we had a nice chit-chat about our countries, she even accompanied me to go to Family Mart near the hotel and helped me to translate the katakana written on the snacks & chocolates there lol, it was really a quick meet up but I was happy to finally met her in person, we've been friends for a long time only on this blogosphere (and instagram). Hope to see you again soon or later and make a great collaboration post one day :) And oh don't forget to check out Samantha's new song "Turn It Up" HERE, she wrote the lyrics, it's an EDM dance tune with Latin inspiration, so for you who love to listen to the beat song, that song is totally for you. The song is meant to be a clubbing song, so let's give our supports to Samantha <3
Bare faces dont care ;p
After that, I and Tasya decided to eat at Jonathan's Coffee & Restaurant in front of our hotel with her Indian friend, Jinid. He is currently working in Tokyo too. When he met Samantha, we asked them to speak in Japanese and it shocked us when we heard Jinid is fluently speaking in Japanese language.
I only ordered Pancake that night (for DIET reason). Throughout Tokyo and other parts of Japan, Jonathan's is known for its ample supply of Western dishes but wait, there's a decent mix of more Japanese and more American dishes because some dishes are pretty efficient at mixing the two tastes. Prices are good and most Jonathan's restaurants can host numerous guest till all hours of the night.

Couldn't be happier when Mr. Kito told me that this 333m high broadcasting and observation tower is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel and finally I visited this place woo-hoo #bucketlist.
Ka Gati, I, Jinid & Tasya
And this is my outfit of the day wearing the shoes I bought at HERE'S shop from Gotemba.
Happened to meet this guy (he is a Korean) in front of Tokyo Tower building. He told me he is a singer when we both introduce ourselves, his name is Joon Ho. I thought he was a Kpop Idol but no, I was wrong, he showed me his twitter account to convince me and I found out that he is one of the members of BEE SHUFFLE : a boyband of 5 - two Japanese and three Korean members. Debuted in 2014 with single "Welcome to the Shuffle!!". Their songs have both Japanese and Korean lyrics <3
Till I see you again, Tokyo.

vintage shirt + patterned leggins / MICHELLE KLEIN slip ons

And don't forget to check out Samantha's new song here <3 let's TURN IT UP the music and dance all night long :D